Stand Up 2 Cancer

The original Stand Up 2 Cancer campaign was done at Prologue Films in conjunction with the late Laura Ziskin. Most people know Laura for her lifetime of work producing films such as No Way Out, Pretty Woman and the Spider-Man franchise. But she also co-founded the SU2C organization and spent her later years working hard to raise funds for and promote the cause of cancer research. The first live, nationally televised event in 2008 was aired in 170 countries around the world and raised over $100 million dollars. SU2C continued on from there to be a driving force in raising funds to find a cure. On this project, I served as producer, managing a team of designers and animators under Prologue’s Head of Production, Ian Dawson. It was a long term project, taking close to a year, during which time we produced an extensive array of branding, motion graphics, short films, interviews, and a full package for the 2008 live event which included large LED panels on the stage, programed with many of the films and graphics we produced during the run-up. The film shown here is just a short promo piece for the first live event. I’m proud to have had the chance to work with Laura and to have helped in the early stages of the SU2C organization which has raised nearly $300 million to help fight cancer.

Project Details

SU2C Promos, Graphic &
Live Broadcast Package

Created by: Laura Ziskin
Creative Director: Kyle Cooper
Head of Production: Ian Dawson
Co-Producer: Madeline Marotto