The main on end sequence for the film Orphan was a unique project I created with the designer/director Simon Clowes. Simon designed the whole sequence, we both created the visuals and I shot all the footage with the stop-motion software Dragonframe. Dragonframe is a program created by director Jamie Calliri, well known for his arresting stop-motion animations for projects such as the title sequence for Lemony Snicket. In addition to his software, Jamie set up a custom motion-control rig which allowed us to program the camera motions into Dragonframe so we could shoot two identical passes of each shot — one in regular light and one under blacklight. In the end, this gave Simon the ability to cut seamlessly back and forth between the two versions of each shot, revealing a dark subtext hidden under the beautiful surface: reflecting the central metaphor of the film. Images for additional VFX shots for Orphan were created by Chris Sanchez. More about this project can be seen on the Dragonframe website.

Project Details

Orphan, main on end

Created by: Prologue Films/
Kyle Cooper
Designer / Director: Simon Clowes
Producer: Ryan Robertson