OFFF, 2009

This was the opening film for the OFFF conference in 2009, used to introduce the participants. OFFF is a well known “International Festival for the Post-Digital Creation Culture”. Held in a different location each year, OFFF brings together the best graphic designers, motionographers and digital artist from around the world. This opening film was the brain child of Ilya Abulkhanov, one of the most talented designers I’ve worked with. From conception to finish, Ilya directed all aspects of this project, which a small group of us at Prologue helped him to complete, with no budget and often on our own time, collecting a vast supply of props and costumes from thrift shops around LA, and heading off on rogue film shoots, on the coast and in the desert. The project was produced by Elizabeth Newman. I shot most of the green screen footage of the “characters” and a portion of the on-location shots. Ilya also shot footage when not in front of the camera himself. Then went on to design and generate all the graphics and visual effects. An singular piece that many have tried to imitate since.


Project Details

OFFF 2009, opening film

Created by: Prologue Films
Designed & Directed by:
Ilya Abulkhanov
Produced by: Elizabeth Newman