• The Hinterland

The Hinterland

According to the Theory of Relativity,
the farther away from Earth you go…
the more time will have passed when you get back.

In the year 2115, Gunner Keating is dying. He has a rare condition, untreatable in his current time. But in a world where time is relative…anything is possible.

So Gunner’s family makes a hard choice. They send him to The Hinterland: a docking station on a distant planet. One hour at the station equals a year on planet Earth. Gunner is scheduled for a 2 day stop. When he returns to Earth, his siblings will still be alive and the cure to his condition should be waiting. Gunner’s ship enters stasis, but when it wakes back up and takes him home, he discovers something’s gone terribly wrong: he’d been in stasis 5 full months.

Now 3,600 years have past on Earth.
Global infertility has set in.
The Hinterland is a legend from centuries past…

And Gunner Keating is alone.

Then he meets Emerson Solo.  A 17-year-old runaway, and the last human child to be born on Earth.

The Hinterland is a gritty, futuristic thriller, in the tradition of Children of Men, that takes the time to explore some complex moral issues. Parts of this world are unfamiliar, but in the end we come to see that many things never change…

Things like friendship, love and hope.

Project Details

A futuristic YA thriller...
with a whole lot of heart.