• Earthling


This is a story
from long ago
about a few seeds
that wanted to grow.

They lived in the dirt,
very far down,
but struggled to rise
and finally found

they could sprout and could stretch
and climb very far.
So they did until one day
hey broke through the ground.

They breathed in the air
and watched the sunrise.
They laughed and they shouted
and opened their eyes.

But the seedlings were lonely.
The world they had found
was quiet, and empty.
They longed for a sound.

They wanted to hear
a voice besides theirs.
They dreamed up large creatures,
like bebras and zears.

They waited and waited
and watched the unknown
till a young seed decided
o set off alone…


Earthling is a children’s picture book concept. It’s an adventurer’s take on evolution with a twist that leaves you wondering where the circle of life begins and ends.

As the first plants push their way into the barren landscape of primordial Earth, one adventurous seed decides to set out in search of something new. The book is designed as an accordion binding. The horizon line of the planet creates one long, slow curve, starting on page one and moving through the book. In this way, each page is a continuation of the last as the characters march around the globe. So if you open the accordian, you end with one continuous illustration, following the seed as it makes it’s way into this new world.

The seed discovers life beneath the oceans; gets swallowed by a deep sea creature who grows legs, makes his way onto land, gets taken away by a flying dinosaur…and on and on. But this story of evolution also contains moments that seem just a little bit different: though the dinosaur era, the ice age, and finally to humans. Or so we think. But as the land gets divided and the tall cities rise, one man looks to the stars and dreams. He builds a rocket ship and sets out searching, bringing a single, red flower   for company.

The astronaut discovers a whole new planet—though he ultimately dies—as everybody does. But as the heavens cry for his passing, his body is buried, along with his flower. Seeds from the flower then bring life to this new world…

Which we finally discover is planet Earth.

And so the cycle begins again.

Project Details

Children's picture book concept.

Accordion binding,
Pencil drawings,
Digital paintings.